Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Desktop Icons Flash Off & On Then Goes Back To Log On

Powerbook (OSX Tiger) turns on, with no chime, then goes to log on. I log on successfully, then desktop with icons appear flashing off and on, along with my dock. At this point: I have to be very quick to attempt to open anything like Finder, before the message pops up saying " Your computers time & date are not set correctly...before March 24 2001, and then goes back to log on. If within 2 seconds I open for example: itunes, I see all files intact. Then I get a message: Itunes has unexpectedly quit.. then things again go back to log on. I do not have time between the flashing intervals to open Apple menu, or much else to fix the problem. I have no acess to another mac with a firewire, not that I have any experience with that. About 2 years ago I had changed my optical superdrive with no problems. 1 year ago I had replaced my pram battery and all worked fine. The problem seems to have happened after downloading mpegs online. I would like to keep all of my jpgs, mpegs & mp3s if possible. My factory Install/Restore disc will not go farther than 'Select Language'. Hardware test is ok and goes to log on. I wish I could open on start up, like a DOS screen, but don't know if thats possible. Any suggestions?

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Try to start in safe mode: power up the machine while pushing the shift key. Let us know if you can load the OS to the desktop without the flashing icons.

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I have done that already too. When the screen goes to my desktop it is the same flashing thing going on and then back to my log in.

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I think you'll have to find a firewire cable and another mac to scan your internal drive with Disk Utility via firewire target mode.

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After doing what lemerise said, replace your dead PRAM battery. According to which model you have it's one of these:

Give us the last three figures of your serial number and we can tell you exactly which model you have.

Next start up from your system installation disk, go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utility and see if you can repair your drive.

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I had already done that without any problems and had already reset the date/time. All was working fine. As mentioned above, I cannot get past the 1st page of the install/restore disk which asks to choose language. Finger mouse becomes dead and is unresponsive to pressing enter on keyboard.

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