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1.6 또는 1.8 GHz dual-core 프로세서, 2 GB 또는 4 GB SDRAM, 64 GB 또는 128 GB SSD

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upgrade logic board on 2011 11 inch MacBook Air

I have a 2011 11 inch Macbook Air. I want to replace the logic board with one that has 8 GB of ram. I have only seen the available for a 2012 model. Does anyone know if I can replace my 2011 logic board with a 2012 8 GB logic board?

Scott Randell

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It should be feasable but you would need to replace magsafe-I/O board and connecting cable too, those are surely different. Screen, topcase and battery should not be a problem but double check also with vendor to be on the safe side.

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