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2016년 9월 16일 출시. Model 1660, 1778. GSM 또는 CDMA / 32, 128 또는 256 GB / 로즈 골드, 금색, 은색, 검정색, 칠흑색으로 제공됩니다.

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Why isn't my screen turning on after being dropped?

I dropped my iPhone 7 a few days ago and before it being dropped a few days ago, it had some cracks in it but I could still see the screen and everything worked fine. After I dropped it the other day, my screen isn’t turning on/i can’t see it. I know it’s charging but when it’s on the charger my phone gets hot.

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The answer is already in your question, because it’s been dropped..big and small computers don’t like to be dropped, iPhones included. Sometimes after being dropped they stubbornly refuse to work properly as if they had a life on their own. If you’re lucky changing the screen will solve the issue, I’d suggest you start with that.

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