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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 4.7” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6 Plus의 작은 버전입니다. 모델 번호 A1549, A1586 및 A1589로 식별됩니다.

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Changed screen & logic board now not powering up

Hey Guys pls help if u can..

well my screen broke 8 months ago and because of a couple of emergency operations and a dodgy seller on eBay it’s taken me until now to fix. I thought it a good idea to buy a spares/repair phone as I wanted an oem screen. The phone I bought (2nd one after the 1st arse seller!) looked ok. The guy said the screen started pixelating then one day wouldn’t turn on anymore. Clean as a whistle no bumps or dings I deduced using my zero knowledge of mobile phones that this was probably a software problem, anyway I only want the screen and battery as the guy said it was running well until the pixelating problem.

My phone i’ll add was running fine, I just dropped the bloody thing and smashed the screen.

So I though to cut time why not just swap the logic boards over as the doner phones problem was hopefully in that area….plus the inside of that phone compared to mine was sparkling…looked new whereas mine was dusty and worn out looking.

Ok…swapped out the logic boards no problem, plus the screen and carefully as possible the home button to hopefully preserve the touch id. Put em back together crossing fingers and toes then shazam….. nothing, not even a peep… opened phone, disconnected and reconnected battery, still nothing… argghh… I really need a break, my first week of giving up smoking and have a lovely but very noisy toddler so please help meee!!

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Did u charge both phones before and checked the screen was at least working before starting any repairs???

U could have a damaged screen, u could have 2 totally flat batteries, u could have a damaged charging port… put the board back into it's original housing with it's original screen and check it again if it fails u could have done anything like causing long screw damage

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Hi thanks for your reply!

Well no I didn’t charge either as the doner phone was dead the guy said, wouldn’t respond to being plugged in. And mine…well I should’ve perhaps but I recall hearing they should be discharged prior to working on.

I took a gamble yes that this eBay phone could have a faulty screen, I just assumed that it would be a software problem.

The battery could be bad, the guy said it was fine but again…I assumed the last time he used it was 3-4 months ago or less but could be more… I thought a battery might last that long without charge… mine I haven't actually tested…I knew it was on the way out prior to dropping it as it wouldn’t last a day without charging…but i’m thinking to give it a try tomorrow. Would be nice if it was just the battery.

Unlikely it has LSD unless it was worked on before me, I’m very careful to label all the steps and mark corresponding screws and their lengths.

I thought maybe it could be one of the screen connections aren’t mating up but surely then the phone would just turn on but without the screen working? I haven’t felt any vibrations when i’ve turned the vibrate/mute button on or off. Sorry I don’t know more

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