Cleaned PS4 and now it won’t turn on

So my PS4 has had an extremely loud fan for the last 9 months or so and it sounds like a jet engine which has gotten annoying. I figured cleaning it out and getting the dust clumps out would help as my uncle did it to his and it’s now nearly silent. Yesterday I took the console all the way apart and got a large amount of dust out especially from the fan. I then followed a video on youtube to make sure i reassembled it properly step by step. After about 2 hours from start to finish i had it put back together and plugged it in. When i pressed the power button on the playstation the blue light came on for a few seconds then the console beeped 3 times quickly and the light changed red before shutting down. I’m not sure what would be causing it but the only thing i can think to do is retake it apart and try rebuilding it again in case it’s a bad connection to something.

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