How to replace a tiny speaker in a 2001 Monsters Inc Babblin Boo doll?

I have a 2001 Monsters Inc Babblin Boo doll from 2001 I've found her in my mom's shed and she is a childhood doll I've had since I was 7 years old and I cleaned her up and fixed her hair and washed her clothes with my mom's help and we put new batteries in her and she won't talk sing or giggle anymore and I heard the only way to fix old battery operated is to replace the tiny speaker and put new batteries in them,How can I do that without damaging her,She looks like this.

By the way this is not my doll just an image from eBay to show you what she looks like.

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@smurfette123 we would need to see more of Boo and how the speaker is located etc. See if you can post images of your Boo with just the Torso etc. showing Adding images to an existing question

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Not sure but Thanks for the suggestion.

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Here is her torso (On top) and speaker on the back of her and (On the bottom).


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Cassie, try again on the images u sent please; they don't click open here.

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