Where are pins for power button on front panel connector on motherboar

Block Image

Block Image

Where are the pins for the for the power button on the motherboard of Dell Optiplex 320? My power button broke so I want to power on my computer by shorting the power button pins on the motherboard just to test it. I attached a picture of my motherboard and the front panel connector on it.

Please reply ASAP, thank you very much

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That is a tough one as the Dell manual does not give the pin-outs for this connector. You'll just have to trace the wires with a muti-meter. Should not take very long.


Why not reconnect the front panel cable to the motherboard and short out the wires on the back of the power button?

Alternatively, check the colour of the wires connected to the power button and then find them in the front panel cable connector, that way you'll know what pins they connect to. Usually they don't double up on the colours ;-)

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