VHF radio - Reception failing on a single station only

I recently dropped a VHF radio.

There was clearly some damage because it has since started rattling when it moves.

It seems to be functioning OK bar the fact that it will not tune in to the station I was listening to at the time.  All other stations are being picked up OK and the ‘missing’ one was one of the stronger signals.

Not sure if it helps but it is manual as opposed to digital tuning.

Any ideas what has happened and what, if anything, I can do to put it right?

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What is the make and model number of the radio?

Sorry!, It is a R obrts R9954


I can't find a service manual or a schematic for the radio, but since you say that something is rattling around, it seems as though a component may have come adrift from the circuit board.

Most probably it is involved with the tuning circuit as you state that only one station is affected.

You may have to open the radio and locate the loose component and then check if you can spot where it came from.

Post some close up pictures back here, showing the circuit board (and the component if you find it) and hopefully someone may be able to help you further.

Here's how to do this.

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