Asus Transformer T100H won' turning on

I have Asus Transformer book T100 H (T100 HA) that won’t turning on. I have read many solution as bellow

  1. Unplug battery by opening the case -> Have try and didn’t work
  2. Press power button and volume down -> didn’t helped me.


I think the battery drawn after a month not used, so I trying to charge. Charge running well, led from orange turning to white indicate battery fully charged. After that I trying to staring the device and the Asus logo appears and gone (like a flash) after that I never successful turning on my device.

Every time I trying to turn on, the orange led light only blinking 5 till 8 times rapidly. Monitor wont display anything.

Previously, i have deal with the problem that every time I wanted to turn on the device is sometimes hard, sometime it always orange led blinking but after trying 2 - 3 times the device turning on, but now its completely won’t turn on. Does it possible problem on Motherboard?

Please your advice. thank you.

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