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Can I use ValueRAM to upgrade to 6GB?

iFixIt offers this to upgrade my a1229 to 6gb, but I was wondering if Kingston ValueRAM (which I already have), would also work. It is exactly this: http://www.fticomputer.com/scripts/produ...

PC2-5300 4 GB RAM Chip 이미지


PC2-5300 4 GB RAM Chip


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Thomas I don't see a problem in the specs are the same. That said sometimes computers are picky about ram, Since you already have the ValueRam stick I would try it and see if it gives you any problems. Good luck.

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I have used (and often prefer) ValueRam from Kingston. In the "old days" I would never bought any other RAM than Kingston. Seems though that newer Macs are happy with all kinds of brands. Or they make RAM more compatible I guess.

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Now in use in my old Mac Book Pro 17" Santa Rosa 1229,in combination with my old 2 GB chip,works fine,and my computer now is a lot more happy for the Lion upgrade,4 days delivery to Europe,I'm impressed,happy costumer here.

Kindly Jens

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