Samsung galaxy s8 Iris scanner and sensors Not Working

Hi,I recently bought my samsung galaxy s8 it's been a week now since I bought it and out of nowhere the brightness slider stopped working so I restarted the phone and it was fixed after that I soon realised that the auto brightness stopped working (restarting did not fix this) along with the proximity sensor and iris scanner. I tried booting it in safe mode and the problem was still present

Software version: 8.0 (Oreo)

I Like samsung phones I'm not a fan of apple phones because they r not as customizable like samsung phones keep in mind that I only had this phone for a week and now its acting up I have not dropped it once (I dont have warranty and I'm not in a country where I can send it to samsung)

I have also tried to reset cache and stuff like that is this a software or hardware problem (please be software) and how can I fix this

Please help me

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