black and decker 24v battery charger 90553447 not charging battery

I left my charger on the battery (not plugged in) in storage for a couple of months and tried to charge the battery which is dead. There is a green light that comes on when it is charging and switches off when it is finished. The light turns on for a fraction of a second when the contacts touch but will not charge.

I checked with my multimeter. I’m getting ~4VDC coming from the charger when it is connected to the battery. I also checked the board and am getting 4VDC on the input (no AC and guessing the transformer plug in the wall is converting to DC before it reaches card) and output. All the resistors seem to be fine. I did accidentally arch one of the inputs and resistor and saw the light come on. It seems to be something that isn’t telling the charger to start charging when it gets a signal back that the battery needs charging. Any ideas on what to check for that, and is it fixable?



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