Turntable does not work, motor and coupler are fine

I have a GE JVM1871SK microwave. I recently moved in and the turntable has not worked since I have been here. The coupler is intact and I tried replacement motor (both the old and new motor have continuity on a multimeter). The supply leads show 22V, but zero current when the microwave is in operation with the turntble function turned “on” in the control panel. All other features work (i.e. fans, lights, magnetron, etc.).

I have yet to test the door switches, but from a circuit diagram I found for a similar GE unit, it appears that if one of the switches had failed at least the oven lamp and cooling fan would also not be functioning. That leads me to believe the issue is the turntable power relay on the PCB (which I don’t believe is user replaceable).

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what the issue might be?

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