Home button, app switcher isn't working

I'm having same issue. The notification screen doesn't work and will not expand. Back button works fine but home button and button that switches between apps both stopped working. I can go into settings and switch my back button to the other button and the back button works regardless of position so I know my buttons are working it's some kind of software glitch. I do not have a case on my phone. I did not download anything to cause it haven't downloaded in months actually other than the system updates my phone does automatically. I have read that its caused by memory being too full and a lot of people have had this issue over years with various types of Androids. Some phones have a work around that fixes it but I haven't found one for mine. My phone doesn't have the user option to change to guest mode….I also tried safe mode…of..deleted cache…..tried adding security code in safe mode it crashes settings….and I really really don't want to do a hard reset. So many small functions are not working I'm afraid my back up will not work as well. If anyone has any other suggestions or knows the system file name that controls these functions please help me.

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