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Cavalier makes a noise on left turns only

this is so complicated i have a 1998 chevy cavelier when making a left turn you will hear a loud noise. sometimes it calls me a liar,then it will make the noise. ive heard my joint,cv. its not power steering.but the noise is like a rubbing noise.only on left turns im going crazy. please help me and thanks for the last answers.why does it quit then start up badly again. i need answers please.

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lynn, my first suggestion would be to check your your CV joints as well. If they check out okay, check your wheel bearings. Make sure they are not running dry. Also check to make sure your tire is not rubbing against the inner fender. Check your ball joints on that side as well to make sure that they are not dry as well as the bushing of the control arm....Good Luck.

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+ what's a CV joint?

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CV = constant velocity +

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Kinda like the driveshaft on a rear wheel drive, the front wheel drive use two, one for each wheel....;-)

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a noise like this on my car has been cv going/gone. a constant low "thrumming" which stopped when you turned one way was the bearings on that side. do you have uneven tyre wear?

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