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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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New MacBook Pro shuts down at 25% battery

Hello everyone,

I got my first ever apple product, the 2019 two TBP Touchbar Macbook Pro on 18th July, 2019. I noticed that after my battery reaches anywhere around 25-35%, it shuts down automatically. The only way I could turn it on is by charging it. And when it turns on it starts charging from 0%. So I checked up the internet and performed this diagnostic test and it showed an error in battery [PPT002 you may need to replace your battery soon]. I was pretty confused as I just bought this Mac. So I contacted the Apple support team and they’ve asked me to do a SMC reset and see if this solves the problem. I did the SMC reset and charged my battery to 100% and started using it and it shut down again around some 30%. I was !#^&@@ off and so I returned my Mac at apple store and they replaced it with a new one. However, when they performed the diagnostic test at the apple store, it did not diagnose any issue with battery or whatsoever.

Anyways I started using my newly replaced mac and I face the same problem with this newly replaced mac too. I’m not sure what to do now. I’ve again scheduled a call for Apple support later today. I’m kinda sure, even if they would replace it with a new one, it would shut down automatically at 25% battery.

Another problem is the excessive heating. Mac gets heated up very fast within 30-40 minutes of use. I mostly use google chrome with 3-4 tabs open or watch movies.

Does anyone else face the same problem with the new mac? Any suggestions to solve this issue would be helpful.

Thank you :-)

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Where are you located? Country and major city nearest to you.

Did you buy the system from an Apple store or an authorized dealer?

Hi, I'm from Singapore. Yes, I bought it from Apple store.

I have this problem as well, currently happening on my second 2019 13" MBP with touchbar, 1.4 GHZ, 8 Gb Ram and 256 gb ssd.

First macbook pro shut down at 35% with normal use (no charging). Only turns back on after plugging in AC adapter, goes to 0% in login screen and jumps back to 35% after login into desktop.

Took it to Apple store, ran hardware diagnostic and nothing was wrong. Specialist said to exchange for another one.

Now currently on second exact same model MBP, this one dies at 45%. Coconut battery shows normal status when at 35% but earlier for ~5 min when the battery stayed at 0%, it said to service battery and overall battery life was at 65% of full designed capacity.

I want to exchange for another one but probably end up with same 3rd problem.

Going to try a different store next time.

Vigyan - Where are you located country and major city near you?

Toronto Canada.

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Apple acknowledges the problem! If your MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) keeps shutting down

Here’s the text of the Tech Note

Learn what to do if your MacBook Pro randomly turns off even though the battery shows a remaining charge.

If your MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) randomly turns off when it still has a charge, these steps might help:

  1. If your MacBook Pro's battery is less than 90 percent charged, continue to step 2. If your battery is more than 90 percent charged, use your computer until the percentage drops below 90 percent, then continue to step 2.
  2. Connect your Mac to its power adapter.
  3. Quit all open applications.
  4. Close your computer's lid, which puts your Mac in to sleep mode.
  5. Let your Mac charge for at least 8 hours.
  6. After 8 hours, update to the latest version of macOS.

If the issue persists after updating to the latest version of macOS, contact Apple.

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Important! Anyone encountering this problem should install the newest macOS release from the App Store as it will have the newest version of firmware. Restoring from the hidden partition won’t fix the systems firmware which is believed to be the issue. Use Internet recovery or better yet create a bootable OS installer which can be useful later on when you have problems.

Original reply:

Your system is so new Apple maybe facing a manufacturing or parts defect. They may not know they have a defective run of systems yet!

I would talk with the store manager this time as getting another one will likely fail as the shipment of the systems this store has is likely all from the same lot. Changing to a different processor or RAM configuration might be a way to get a good one or jumping to one of the more expensive four port systems.

I would have recommended you try going to another Apple Store, sadly you only have one currently Two Beautiful New Apple Stores Expected to Open Soon in Singapore. As they would have likely gotten a different shipment.

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I would also advise taking out the extended AppleCare warranty, adding and additional two years, on any machine that you have problems with during the first year

***the fix for most people on this forum seems to be

1. Charge for 8 hours.

2. Software update and smc reset.

I've been fine now getting 8-9 hours of use. Doesn't shut down at any percent anymore

Updating the macOS and charging it for more then 8 hours worked for me too.


I posted this question earlier. When I took my second Mac to Apple store, they reinstalled the MacOS and for some reason it now works properly. You may ask Apple representative to do the same.

am gonna try this as well, hopefully it will work out for me too

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I have the same issue, Ive got a Macbook 1.4GHZ 2019 256gb SSD. Around 57% my laptop would shut off and wouldnt let use it untill i plugged the charger in. The macbook would say that its out of charge but when i plugged the charger in it would be back at 57%. I sent that macbook back and got a new one but this one has the same issue a part from it dies at 45%.

This really isnt great. Apple should be aware of this. It is a software issue or hardware? Its really put me off keeping the macbook

Update (09/28/2019)

Block Image

Will try this

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This fix seems to have worked for many users. I charged it for 8 hours straight and i havent had problems for a month!

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My same model is doing the exact same thing. What was your solution? I don’t want to risk getting stuck with a lemon so I’m considering returning it completely.

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The third time i went to the apple store i was advised to make sure the mac's battery ia below 90% then put it on charge for 8hours and get the new update that fixed the issue. I have no issues since I did that.

I will try this as my battery issue came back!. Thanks for the tip, I will update if it works or not.

Just to ask, can you fully go down to 100->0% now?

And was the 8 hours of charging when it was turned off overnight etc?

This product must be recalled. It is a worldwide issue and Apple a ripping off the public by selling faulty products that they know are faulty

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Having the same issue right now! I just purchased my MacBook Pro today and it goes flat at 80%. After reading this thread I have put my MacBook on charge and will leave it overnight. I have already updated to Catalina, so I don’t have any updates to try. So hopefully just leaving it overnight helps! It’s midnight here and I have a scheduled phone call with Apple at 11AM. Will post any suggestions from them if they can provide any.

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Hi everyone,

Problem has been solved for me by leaving the MacBook on charge for ten hours overnight

I'll try this. Its happening to me right now. Bought it today and it shuts off at 78%. This is really poor from apple.

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Got a replacement one today, it’s at 5% battery and gave warning as well, so far no issues! Also did you guys update the OS without plugging the charger. For the first one I updated OS with 100% battery, So thought charger won’t be required. For the second MBP I did have the charger plugged in while updating OS. Thought it might have caused some issues.

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I charged 8 hours overnight.

Performed Software update and seemed to fix for me

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Can confirm the solution, installing latest OS and charging the Mac overnight solved the issue for me.

I was really scared to be honest, as this my first Mac ever and I never though stuff like this can happen with a Mac \:

(MBP 13” 2019 i5 1.4ghz 8gb ram 256 ssd.)

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What OS r u running plz?

Didn't work for me

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I have the same problem. I live in Turkey and bought a Macbook Pro 13” 2019 i5 1.4ghz 8gb ram 128 ssd from Apple Store in the US. It shut down at 15%. I then sent it back to the US and replaced it with a new one. I just got it yesterday and this time this one shuts down at 50% of the battery. Got reaaaally dissappointed. Although I have some hope now after reading this topic that it might be fixed after charging for 8 hours which I haven’t tried yet.

Can anyone share its experience who had this fault and fixed it this way? Did you encounter the same thing afterwards or does it work just normal since then and for a long time?

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Its been day 3 for me since i bought the Mac, so once i first started it i had the rando, shutdowns and i encountered this thread - once i updated to macOS Catalina and gave it a overnight charge, I since then didn't have any shutdowns yet. hope this helps.

I had the same problem. My 2019 13" Macbook Pro's battery indicator was at 100% for over 4 hours and it kept shutting down (screen going to black) when the number did decrease at around 95% on the day I bought it, I was really annoyed and scared because I just spend 2k. I tried shutting it down, restarting it and resetting the SMC but none of them seemed to work.

I was thinking of going back to where I bought it but good thing I saw this thread as when I updated to macOS Catalina and charged overnight for at least 8 hours, the battery indicator started decreasing normally and is now at 36%. I'm trying to bring it all the way down to 0% to see if it is fixed.

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Hi guys. Same issue I faced and the solution proposed in this forum worked! I recently got my MacBook Pro 2019 model only a few days ago and had first shut down on 56%. Tried a couple other things but did not resolve issue. I found this thread and together with Apple Support, it’s the same recommended solution: plug in and charge MacBook once battery level is under 90%. Close MacBook and leave charging for 8 hrs or so (I left longer than 8 hrs and seemed fine). Today I successfully drained the battery down to 4% and just plugged it back to re-charge after. All great now. So happy!

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I can't even get mine below 90% before random black screen issue. 2017 MBP.

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I can confirm this; worked out for me as well.

  1. Update to latest (Catalina)
  2. Shut laptop and let charge overnight (10 hours in my case)


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Macbook Pro 1.4 GHz 128 sd same issue below 65% battery. From London UK.i

Just bought it today . I'll try to use the suggested work around tonight

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Well, reset the system management controller (SMC)of your Mac

It worked for me.

  1. Rest the SMC
  2. Charge your Mac for 8 hours. I think restting the SMC is the best option.

Please check the flowing link to rest your SMC


According to apple, Resetting the system management controller (SMC) can resolve certain issues related to power, battery, and other features.

The SMC is responsible for managing behaviors related to the following features. If you're experiencing issues with any of these, you might need to reset the SMC.

  • Power, including the power button and power to the USB ports
  • Battery and charging
  • Fans and other thermal-management features
  • Indicators or sensors such as status indicator lights (sleep status, battery charging status, and others), the sudden motion sensor, the ambient light sensor, and keyboard backlighting
  • Behavior when opening and closing the lid of a notebook computer

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I had the same issue, my Macbook Air was brand new and after a couple of months using it, I encountered this problem. My laptop dies when the battery reaches 19%. All I did was to charge 10 full hours overnight. And I haven’t seen it the issue after that.

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I tried-

  • Full charge my Mac, 100%
  • Removed plug
  • Used the device until battery was 88%
  • Connected plug
  • Closed lid to keep Mac in sleeping mode
  • Kept charging for 10 hours
  • Next morning, started using

Solution did not work for me. It got sudden shutdown at 65% battery.

Any idea if I did something wrong?

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I have a MBP 23" mid 2017. If I start using it on battery it will go to black screen above 90% essentially shutting down. When I plug it into charger it shows the low battery icon and boots up.

All of the battery health stats look fine.

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