Why does my stereo say the disk compartment is open

So I have a Citizen stereo radio dual cassette with CD radio AM and FM stereo with a magneto cassette double and when I want to play a CD in the top loading digital compact disc player a little sign pops up and it says OP and won’t let me play my CDs so I assumed that the compartment thinks that the loader is open so I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how to resolve this issue because I would like to get back to playing my CDs. Thank you for your time

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Might want to post the model number of the unit. It may aid in diagnosing your problem or aid in the location of a Users/Service manual. Gut feeling is a dirty/misaligned/damaged sensor but hard to say. Might want to pop open the case and do a visual inspection to see if there is anything obvious out of place, bulging electrolytic capacitors (the top of the capacitor will have a bulge rather than being flat), burn marks etc. Could also try reseating and cleaning any connectors. Clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol (available for moderate cost at most drug stores).

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