Display change and screen porblems after_Redmi 5 Plus

Hello i have recently changed the display of my partner mobile phone and yes as you read from the subject of this thread it didnt quite work out XD. So the change consistented on moving battery and the top and bottom tech green thingies (dont know the technical name) to the new display.

So after this was done i am facing the following problems:

1. Display "flickers" like its about to spawn a demon, kind of when you trying to tune your TV if you know what i mean.

2. Screen is completely black, but phone is on, you can notice the two different shapes of black between when phone is off and on. While this hppens i am still able to turn off the device as i know more a less where the turn off bottom pops up when you press the turn off bottom.

3.Screen comes up but the image is a couple of cms dislocated upwards meaning that the cms that are suposed to show up on top appear in the bottom of the screen, but the touch screen is still aligned to as if the image was in the right place.

4.Image works fine but need to press the touch screen a litle harder for it to work.

5. Works fine.

So all this 5 scenarios occur but the question is:

- Could i have possibly damaged a component during while moving the components to the new display?

- Or is this something fixable? prolly need to make sure everything is properly connected?

Maybe this is a random post but would love to hear your expert opinion on this.

Thank you for time.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Repairability Assessment

Xiaomi's Mi 5 handset earns some points for modularity, but scores a middling 6 for overall repairability— mainly due to an unnecessarily fussy display replacement procedure.

So down to the following choices:

Throw it in a drawer and forget about it for the next 10 years

Take to a repair shop

Take it apart again and pay really close attention to what goes where, what should be isolated from other components, screen orientation etc etc

Good idea to also pay attention to any "Comments" that have been added by other participants while reading through the information in the above link. FWIW, it may take a couple or more teardowns and reassembles to get the device working (assuming no damage is incurred previously or along the way) but the more you do it the more you will become familiar with the "in's and out's" of a device. :-)

Edit: Might also want to check out https://old.reddit.com/r/mobilerepair and Youtube or similar might also have relevant information on your unit

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