Water damage and backlight failure

Hi All!

I will preface this post by saying that I am a complete novice but am learning what I can so please correct any inaccuracies. I also intended to use images of the board view but have been unable to get it working right now.

Scenario: My Macbook Air got damp inside my bag during a downpour which led to some water damage on the thunderbolt side of the logic board. After unwittingly plugging it in and attempting to turn it on (no charge / wouldn't turn on) I took the board out and cleaned it to no avail before taking it to a repair guy whom we shall call Bob. I am in China currently so language barrier, English schematics etc. makes things slightly more difficult but Bob and I are working hard together to solve problems.

Here is a picture of the original water damage and corrosion:

Block Image

Bob kindly replaced a resistor I had accidentally removed whilst cleaning then went to work on checking the board over. Here are two images he sent me from this:

Block Image

Block Image

The chip in question:

Block Image

Block Image

After a while he messaged me to say that it was now charging and powering on but the screen did not work. I shone a light through the logo to determine that the screen was working but the backlight does not. I also noticed no startup sound which isn't a problem in itself but might be indicative of some other issue.

So now we have:

  • Charge
  • Power on
  • Keyboard backlight on
  • NO lcd backlight
  • NO startup sound

Bob's plan is to replace both of these chips, the second being what we determined to be the lcd backlight driver. He thinks if this does not work then the screen itself need replacing. I feel like this is a bit of a shot in the dark rather than really diagnosing the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

So my question is broad. What would you do and how can we get this thing working again?

Thanks in advance!


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