Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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Can I put a 160GB HD in my 4th gen iPod Photo?

I think my short descriptive question says it all!

I have an iPod Classic 4th Gen 60GB and I would like to put a 160 GB HD in.

Question is, is that doable?!

So far as I can tell, the Samsung HS161JQ 160GB Hard Drive for iPod Classic fits the bill - but - would like to be sure before I order.

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David Hodson is absolutely correct. 4th Generation iPods can use drives from 5GB up to 80GB that have the pin style connector, not the ZIF. 4th Gen iPods can also use any Toshiba drive that ends in 004 or 006, such as MK4004GAH, MK2006GAL, MK2006GALC, MK3006GAL, MK4006GAL, etc. The HDD that you have chosen is a ZIF connector and will not work. Attached a couple of images for you to see what I am referring to, hope this helps.

This is the 4th gen HDD. Check the connector. I believe it is a DDKLtd, MCD-D50SA-3 Here is the HDD from an iPod Classic, it clearly shows the ZIF connector....sorry does not work on the 4th gen. Now if you really want to do something different and advantageous, change your 4th gen HDD to a Flash great an less risk of failure. Anyhow, I hope this answers your question. Good Luck.

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+1 for le research and pichures

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My first impression would be no, since the 4th generation and 6th generation have different logic boards. I could use some backing up, though.

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I also would have to say no. My thought being on if the firmware would allow it

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