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No sound since connecting set top box

Hello...We are running 3 tvs in our home and two are fine..My LG tv is over 10 years old but there wasn't enough charge in the antenna so it was suggested by a set top box, which i did..The picture, the channels are all great since i added the set top box but no sound is coming through since i connected it today..My tv does have sound because i unconnected the set top box to check...Apart from buying a new tv, what could i do to get audio?...I  was thinking maybe i need external speakers now.. Very confused as what to do....This tv has a lot of life in it still so i'd like to hold on to it and the picture is still great..Thank you ..It's a HD tv by the way.
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Thanks so much..The tv was quite expensive back then and the screen is big…After i connected the set top box, the picture was clearer than before ..Sigh..I knew it was too good to be true that just the set box would be enough..I’ll buy some speakers tomorrow and hopefully i can keep my tv..Thank you very much for your information..I’ll let you know if it fixes my problem…Best wishes from Australia.

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if the TV is 10 years old, is it supporting HDMI without reduction? I had the same issue with my old small TV and the solution was in the external speakers. Also, if it’s possible, you can try to connect your TV with a SCART and hope you will have sound.

Compromise → External speakers will give you a better quality of sound and you won’t have any issue anymore.

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