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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 4.7” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6 Plus의 작은 버전입니다. 모델 번호 A1549, A1586 및 A1589로 식별됩니다.

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Why is my phone blinking with the apple logo on and off?

I recently dropped my phone in the toilet, and it still worked for about 4 hours, but then it shut off and wouldn’t turn back on. I put in it rice an hour later and left it in for about 10-14 hours and then my mom said that the battery logo turned on. It charged for an hour and then wouldn’t turn on. I googled it and they said hold the power and home buttons simultaneously for 10 secs, so I did and now it is flashing the apple logo over and over again and hasn’t stopped for 15 minutes.

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Hello Haylee, if you read ifixit articles, you will find that you did everything wrong.

Rice is not to be used on mobile phones, keep it to make risottos or whatever you like best. The reasons are explained in length here Also water damaged devices are never to be charged less they will be most likely damaged. My advice is to visit a local repair shop and hope for the best, although according to what you describe I would not expect much, water damaged devices are hard to repair and since this is an old phone it may not be cost effective to repair it.

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Oh ok thank you

Everybody was telling me to put it in rice even though when I read about it everything said not to. My mom put it in the rice when I went to school, so I didn't really have a say in it. But as of right now, after trying to save my phone, that proved ineffective so I am raising money to buy myself a new phone. Thank you so much for answering my question though.

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And, my dad put it in rice for two more days after re-removing the sim card. It started working again today, but once it died at about 6:00 I plugged it back in and it did the apple logo thing again. So I don't know what's happening anymore...

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