internal hard drive not detect

1. flash Question mark folder at startup. 2. No problem in HD.(test several hdd and orginal hd work on other pc and macs) 3. In disk utility the internal hard drive does not appear. 4. However, the USB port it works normally therefore external drive boot compeletly 4. CD-ROM also gives boot. 5. FireWire target disk mode works good 6. i change south chip on board but steel not detect sata hdd

plzzzzzzzzz help me!!!i'm so confussed!

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check flex cable,try many hdd, format my hdd on other systems,but not work!in firewire mode i can't see my drive!

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Carefully inspect the hard drive cable for tears or other defects. Make sure it is properly and securely installed. If all these are good remove the drive and format it outside the computer, reinstall and try again to see if it is recognized. If it is install your operating system. If it does not work get back to us and we will try something else. You say firewire mode works well--does that mean you can see the drive in firewire mode?

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Now there are two of us confused. What is this south chip you replaced and why did you replace it?

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Try installing a OS

Get a copy of OSX snow lepoard while you can, hold option, boot from the OSX DVD, but before you do this, you can upgrade if you have data you need and you can keep it

If you have data, select "options" and select "upgrade" if it isn't already

If not, utilities, disk utility, Macintosh HD or whatever it's name is, erase tab, erase, but you can zero out in "Security options"

Select the drive either way and select "customize" and uncheck everything, this bogs the computer down and will maximize the free space you get

If no luck or it fails at some point, the drive silently expired and may be time to get a SSD if you can afford it

In fact, the drive may already be bad so this is a excellent way to save what you can while you can


This harddrive may have already died anyway or silentley dying so I would go and buy a new drive and try this

If it yields better results, this drive died

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plz read item 3 on my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hard drive not detect when i want install macos!!!!

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