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듀얼 마이크와 802.11ac Wi-Fi 연결 기능을 갖춘 더 큰 Apple MacBook Air 노트북 입니다.

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Intermittent display issue Mac Air 2013

Intermittent issue where lower left screen flickers with some grey shadows showing, comes and goes. Please see pic - any help appreciated. Thanks.

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We call this effect stage lighting. The 2016 & 2017 13” MacBook Pro models had a bad case of it and Apple finally had a recall ‘FlexGate’ Things a very different here!

In your case you likely had a liquid spill or sat your system down on a wet surface. The LVDS cable connection on the logic board has corrosion damage and/or the logic board its self around the backlight driver has damage. The last area this might be damaged is within the display assembly, here some cleaning liquid dripped down to the edge where the LED’s are mounted. This will require the replacement of the full display assembly.

Basically, you have a a few strings of LED’s which are inter-woven (Odd & Even) one of these strands power feed has been damaged so what you see is the shadow of the LED that is not lit.

Review this guide MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Display Assembly Replacement. Jump down to Step 19, disconnect the connector (after first disconnecting the battery) do you see any damage either inside or around it?

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Thanks for the reply. The laptop has always been in a case and had no liquid damage at all. I am very OCD! Could it not just be a defective LVDS cable that you mention or connector fault?

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If you use a screen cleaner you likely let some drip down which messed up the displays electrical connections at the bottom. I've replaced a good dozen displays from people spraying the screen with a cleaner and then wiping it. Which puts the screen at risk! I strongly recommend spraying the cloth then wiping the screen - No drips that way.

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Ah, makes sense. So it needs a new LCD then?

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Only you know what you might have done. If you have sprayed, and you know no other liquid could have gotten in then that's what's needed.

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