Display is skipping or is dark blue

MacBook Pro 15 inch Mid 2015 —- Display began skipping. Eventually display just boots up to a dark blue screen. Computer works fine when hooked up to an external monitor.

Tried to date: Reset SMC, Reset PRAM, Disk Utility, Apple Diagnostics, Reset the LVDS Cable. Disconnected the battery and reset LVDS cable. Tried the ‘flashlight test’ to see if the login screen is there. It isn’t. Tried booting into Safe Mode. Not any different. Tried to change the GPU switching, but device is running 10.14 so that’s not an option anymore. Removed display and checked hinges for pinching. Cleaned interior of dust and anything else floating around in there.

Priced out replacing LVDS cable vs whole Display (I do not want to take apart a display - yuck).

So questions…. Did I miss anything obvious in my diagnostics? How can I tell if it is a logic board failure or a display failure? Or just the LVDS cable.

Device is out of warranty.

Link to video of display issue - https://youtu.be/5tCbK7G7fr8


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