Magnetic Sensor not working after screen replacement - Solved

Dear All, my phone was out of warranty so got the paid screen replacement done at Samsung service center and now the magnetic sensor is showing zero readings. I have asked them to do the firmware refresh but still it didn’t work. I claimed that it was working fine earlier but service center denied saying it’s motherboard issue and need that replaced too. Now, it will be a fool decision as combined cost of Screen and Motherboard will exceed the new device cost.

Please advise if there is circuit or connector which can get damaged or not properly fit during screen replacement which can affect the magnetic sensor.

The device is using Asahi Kasei AK09916C Sensor

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (10/22/2019)

As an update, the culprit was the faulty AK09916 3-axis electronic compass IC and with high level of customer support, Samsung agreed to replace the PCB free of cost. Thank you Samsung India!

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I have this exact problem too my phone is a xiaomi redmi s2 i broke my lcd display but my phone was still responding so i bought a new lcd display when i used it the screen wasn’t responsive but the display was soo i thought the product i bought had a defect soo i bought new ones 3 times still had the same result soo i checked and i tried to change the charger port board because it was near the touch sensor of the phone but that wasn’t the case still didn’t work soo my last guess is buying a new main fpc cable that connects the touchsensor to the input of the mother board

Should I ask Samsung service center to change main fpc cable?

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