Keep-Alive battery on mother-board dead

Hi All,

I finally figured out why my date/time resets every time I change the battery (GoPro Hero 4 Silver) - the keep-alive (coin/watch) battery must be dead. I located it on the mother board (many thanks, Zach and iFixit!). Does anyone know the part number of this battery? iFixit, do you have a tutorial for this one? Has anyone ever changed this battery? Wonder why they don’t use a capacitor that recharges every time a battery is installed?


Tim in Borneo

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Hi @timinborneo ,

Don’t know the answer but you may be better off finding out the voltage value of the battery (you may be able to see if anything is printed on the battery face) and then trying to find a compatible battery of similar size with wired connections that you can solder onto the motherboard (or the original connectors if you want to leave them there) and then hold the battery in place with a dab of neutral core silicon sealer or similar adhesive.

Looking at an image of the battery, its’ connectors have been spot welded to the battery case.

It is dangerous trying to heat a battery to the point where solder would melt so that it can be reconnected to the connectors that are soldered to the motherboard.

The above would be a safer option.

Just my opinion

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