lmx28988st Samsung fridge, ice machine not working

Hey guys I have a lmx28988st Samsung fridge. I got this unit for free as it needed a new compressor. I installed a new compressor/filter dryer and the fridge and ice maker worked great for me for 6+ months. The ice maker has stopped working since and ive looked through the manual and can't seem to figure out why.

I've tested the Ice sensors to make sure it's not that. Anyways when I reset the ice maker the tray will rotate then return to the original position and nothing happens not even the tray will fill with water. If I press the test mode the ice tray will fill with water the ice will freeze but it will never dispense or dump the ice either which is strange. I haven't changed the water filter but I have reset it so it doesn't give me the error code for it.

Anyone have any thoughts on the issue?

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