Keyboard not working after closing lid

Every time I close the lid on my macbook pro and open it the keyboard is not responding/working. A restart makes it work again. If I put it to sleep via the menu and wake it up the keyboard still works, it’s only after I have closed the lid. It works fine with an external keyboard plugged in. My trackpad is not working at all, not even after a restart. Don’t know how long it’s been out of work as I never use it, I use an USB mouse. My battery seems ok, the laptop is mostly plugged in with the power adapter ever since I bought it. I have not opened it up to check if the battery is swollen but I think if it was why would it work prefectly fine as long as I don’t close the lid? I’ve had it open but in sleep mode for weeks and it works fine, until I forget and close the lid.

I have tried resetting SMC and tried to do a diagnostics but couldn’t make it work somehow.

Could it be a faulty trackpad cable? Or is the problem with the trackpad itself causing this? Something obviously happens when closing the lid. I have seen posts about similar problems but not exactly like this.

Very greatful for help!

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