Phone acting strange after changing the battery

My Mi A2 was working fine, except for not charging when off, then one day it ran out of battery and since it couldn’t charge when off I had to change the battery, the old one was bloated so I had to change it anyways.

When the new battery came the phone wouldn’t turn on the screen would turn a bit lighter as if turning on but then it would go black again, then somehow it turned on and it was working fine, but the battery was charging way slower (6 hours for full charge, my phone takes like 3hrs usually). I removed the new battery then put it in again to see if it somehow helped but it didn’t and the phone did the same thing again with the screen going black and I had to click the on button many times so it would respond but now the screen is black again and won’t turn on, also and this is extra i just did 2 factory resets to see if it helped with the battery problem it didn’t and before my screen went black all my apps were crashing to the point that on the second reset i couldn't even do the initial phone configuration of the phone. Do I now have a pretty brick or is the problem the new battery none if this has ever happened before changing the battery.

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