Burnt Wires to Freezer Start Relay and Overload Protector

Power went off on the weekend. Our Danby Chest Freezer (Danby Designer DCFM102A2WDD Manual Defrost) wasn’t cooling after power came back on. I unplugged and then plugged the unit back in and it started running. Only problem is that the wires leading to the start relay and overload protector are charred. Also, the compressor didn’t seem to be starting until the second set of clicks from the start relay when initially plugged in (relay clicked when power turned on and compressor didn’t kick in. Then relay waited for 2-3 minutes and clicked again starting up the compressor). I replaced the start relay and the unit seems to be working fine but am concerned that whatever charred the wires may reoccur and cause the freezer to go down again.

Any idea what charred the wires and/or what caused the freezer to shut down and then magically start to work again?

Thinking that maybe the compressor is going and that I’m living on borrowed time until the next failure. Freezer is only 5 years old so hoping to avoid replacing it.

Thanks for any advice you might have.

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