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13” 화면 MacBook Pro 모델

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Keyboard or Entire Top Case Replacement?

Well after a few days of trying to figure out the issue with my Mac I have finally narrowed it down to needing a new keyboard/power button.

My Mac wouldn't turn on at all, so I tried "jumping" it by starting it by shorting the motherboard. It worked fine that way and then I noticed the keyboard did not work at all. Since the keyboard also is connected to the power button, i'm thinking that is why I could not turn it on.

Someone earlier said I needed an entire new top case, but those run over $100. Could I just replace the keyboard or would I in fact need a entire new top case? Thanks

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Thanks again rdk! Video was great. Basically had the same problem I had haha. I just bought a keyboard on eBay so hopefully it works out! Thanks!

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Yes, it's possible to replace just the keyboard. Check out my related video at:

A keyboard will run you $60-$80 shipped on eBay, and you can get the topcase with keyboard for $80-WAYTOOMUCH depending on where you look. Obviously it's easier to just replace the whole thing if you can. But yes, it can be done, and is worthwhile if it saves you enough money. If you replace just the keyboard, make sure to buy one with illumination, since you have a Pro with an illuminated keyboard.

Apple does not sell the keyboard as a separate component, and only recognizes the whole topcase + keyboard as a part number. But like I mentioned, you can find the keyboard itself for sale on eBay, usually courtesy of Chinese sellers.

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