Replacement keyboard not working


this MacBook Pro 13” 2015 I’m currently repairing was water damaged I sent the board off to my repair guides who fixed it up and got it working all perfect again but the keyboard which came with it half the keys don’t work, now the customer doesn’t have much money and needs the laptop for UNI so has asked me to change the keyboard by removing the rivets etc and putting a 3rd party or whatever you calm them in. Not a issue as it’s simple enough but when it’s all plugged in the keyboard does not work at all so I thought it was faulty sent back and bought one from a completely different seller to make sure I got a different batch one same issue again doesn’t respond to anything etc. If I put a genuine one which is broken in it works but these 3rd party ones don’t seem to do anything am I being unlucky with the ones they have sent being faulty or is there something I’m missing I got it to respond once when plugging in a different trackpad but that was only a fluke.

any help would be appreciated I’m wrapping my hair out here.



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