Unable to open my IPad Air 2 for repair

I purchased the iFixit kit with iOpener. I put the iOpener in my rotating microwave for about 45 seconds (says 30 but a lot of comments said 45 was needed). I set it on one side of the iPad for the instructed 2 minutes the guide said. Tried using the suction cup to lift the screen so I could insert a pick on that side and the screen never lifted. I tried for about an hour. After every 2 minutes I would reheat the iOpener for 15 seconds. Did this about 10 times with no luck. Then I tried a few times heating it 20 seconds and letting it sit for 2 minutes. I started noticing bubbles forming in the iOpener and I didn’t want it to explode so I made that my last attempt for the night and this time I let it sit for 10 minutes on the iPad. No luck again. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can’t even get one side of the screen to separate from the metal frame. I don’t own a heat gun and I’m not interested in buying one. My microwave says it’s input is 1550w and output 1000w and it also rotates. Thanks for any help.

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Did it get hot to the touch?

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