After keyboard and trackpad change keyboard issues

Hi guys,

I have an issue were I replaced a macbook pro retina early 2015 track pad and keyboard. The trackpad works but keyboard only power button works, and I have a constant caps lock.

Anybody got any ideas.

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I've never replaced a keyboard on one of those MacBooks, but when I used to repair Windows laptops, these kinds of issues would arise if the ribbon cable wasn't seated properly.

I'd recommend reseating the cable . If this fails, it's probably a bad keyboard unfortunately.

Good luck!

Hi Joseph,

I have reseated the cable 10 times. Seems like it may be a fauly keyboard its just the second one i have tried. Having said that they both have different problems. Unfortunaely the only place in the UK to get a replacement us keyboard for these macbooks is ebay. So its probably the badly deigned replacements. Still if anybody has any insight in to this any help would be great.

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