Replaced Moto Z Droid battery and phone only hums approx every 20 sec.

Replaced the Moto Z Droid battery and the phone only hums approx. every 20 seconds. TI thought maybe the new battery was too low to turn on the phone. Pluged it in and it still did the same thing. What do I need to do? Thanks to anyone that can help!

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Same thing happened to me, with a few side-notes that may or may not be useful for you:

- I accidentally damaged the display in disassembly

- *At first*, at least based on audio, it turns on normally – ringing with texts, scheduled alarm going off, etc. But if I turn it off blind and then turn it back on, it goes back to buzzing. I have not been able to deliberately turn it off while that's happening.

- I would guess that the battery connector is not quite seated properly? But it's difficult to debug without a screen, and I can't actually try to fix that because the connector is under the battery, the battery is glued down, and I can't be sure of not damaging the battery if I try to pry it up from the glue.

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