iPhone selective about which things it will play sound for

So here’s the deal:

  • If I call someone, I can hear them.
  • If they call me, I can’t hear them, and I don’t think they can hear me either.
  • If someone calls me, the ringer works — and I can turn it up so it blasts you.
  • If someone texts me, it doesn’t (and yes, I checked the settings to make sure there’s a ring tone for texting). It also doesn’t make noise when I send a text.
  • My phone will play sound for Spotify, but only really quietly. This is true whether I have headphones plugged in or not. So it’s not the speaker. Just the phone deciding to be quiet. And remember, it plays the ringer just fine.

This all just started happening this afternoon. I didn’t drop my phone or anything. I don’t think it’s a physical problem because the speaker does work, it’s just being selective. But I have no idea how that would happen either.

Any ideas?

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