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Hard drive failed without backup

My hard drive failed with out being backed up. I need to get my photos back. I took it to an Apple store and they said they could not help. They also said it can be taken apart and the photos recovered, but left it at that. I need to get the photos back. They are the last photos of my mom before she passed. Thank you for any help -M

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For data this important you should google data recovery. I warn you it will not be inexpensive but from your statement these items cannot be duplicated and I would not trust home user recovery software. A little late but you misfortune shows the need for frequent backups. My condolences for your loss and I hope and pray you have a successful resolution to your picture recovery.

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Michael, try removing the drive and placing it in an external USB or Firewire enclosure. Most of the time a Mac will see this drive and You can then copy your user folder over to the new system. I have done this with success several times, with Mac and PC formatted failed drives. If this doesn't work then try using Data Recovery, it's pretty cheap compared to other alternatives and if it's successful, it'll pay for itself in it's first use. Good Luck.

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Michael, it's really sad to hear that your hard drive failed. But don't worry, many people has ever encounter that.Gihosoft Free Photo Recovery is a pretty well software. It can recover deleted photos from hard drive . First, you should stop using your hard drive to avoid your data been over written. Close all the software on your computer, because they may produce some new data to your hard drive. Scan, preview, recover. Three steps help you to retrieve formatted photos. Hope this can help you.

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Gihosoft Free Photo Recovery Video:

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Video guide about how to recover deleted photos from internal and external hard drive.

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