How to test power button / keyboard?

Is there a way to power this on without keyboard, similar to what is possibly on older macbooks by shorting two connectors on the Logic board?

Mine suffered a liquid spill and now will not turn on. I cleaned corrosion, etc from logic board, but still will not turn on.

Logic board could be bad, but want to rule out keyboard/power switch first.



Tried dishwashering the upper case, but no difference


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Thanks RJ. Somehow when I searched I think I must have thought that one was talking about the 1181 instead of the 1342, when it was the other way around...

Anyway, thanks for the link.

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Still no luck with this 1342, but I did notice that the power cord flashed the green LED briefly when I first connected it, then flashed orange several times, then remained dark... not sure what that could indicate, so about to do some research.

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HMMM, cleaned the magsafe port on the 1342, then connected power to it, green light lit steady for about 2 minutes, then slowly faded to black, probably about 25 seconds to fade... disconnect and reconnect and it stayed black.

Weirder and weirder. (at least to me)

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Here is a link to a previous question that answers your question with pictures. Choose the one that fits your computer. Good luck.

Where on the logic board are the power-on pads?

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connect pin 5 to pin 6 on the keyboard ribbon cable jack. You can remove the ribbon cable first to eliminate the keyboard.

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