Screen freezes and goes black, backlight works fine - LVDS?

So here’s the situation:

13” early 2015 MacBook Pro

screen goes black, freezes, and stutters but the computer functions fine! YouTube videos continue to play. The backlight is indeed working - the apple is always lit up and I can adjust it even when it goes dark. I can only use the computer for a few seconds at a time in between the disruptions (though like I said, in the background the computer is still functioning, if I type something it’ll type it in even if the screen has gone dark) it outputs to a monitor just perfectly fine.

I tried replacing the LCVS display connector which fixed the computer for about 2-3 hours before it went back to its old self. There is no water damage. I took the logic board out to inspect the underside and it looked pristine. I’ve tried to look into the LCVS sockets logic board and display side and they appear fine but I don’t have a microscope. I don’t have an extra screen or board for testing.

Please advise. If anyone in Seattle area has a screen I could use to troubleshoot, I’ll buy you a six-pack. Otherwise I’m gearing up to sell this as-is for parts on eBay :(

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Did you try running the onboard diagnostics? Restart your system press the D key. Let us know what you got for an error message.

How about posting a short vid so we can see clearly what you are facing Adding images to an existing question

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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