No sign of life

I’ve looked at other questions and forums and no solution works. I but my motherboard into a new housing and now the iPhone does nothing. It all worked fine up until now. The phone gets warm where the screen connections are and definitely charges the battery. But the phone doesn’t vibrate or turn on or anything doesn’t even show up on iTunes.

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Maybe the board shorted out? Have you checked it for an visible damage?

I did yes there is no physical or visible damage even under a microscope

If it doesn't show up in iTunes, it would have to be the logic board. I would say it might could be the battery or the charging port, but you said the battery charges. These hard to troubleshoot without having all of these different components on hand.

Tell me about it. I’ve tried everything even mixing loads of spare parts I have that work batteries, charging ports screens everything

does it get warm when you plug it in for a while?

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