Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Water damage, should I consider it done?

This 32GB I was given seems to work, other than the digitizer. I followed the Electronics Water Damage Guide and here is what I got.

I gave it about a 30 minute bath in 91% IPA. Then hit it with a toothbrush. Followed by a cold hair dryer. I ordered a new digitizer from Am@zon that showed up today. Partially seated in on the case to hook up the ribbon cable. Restarted the iPod with Sleep + Home combo.

And it still does not work, same exact results as the original Apple digitizer.

Am I missing something here? Did I do something wrong? Or should I just suck it up and consider this thing toast?

I'm usually not one to give up this easy, but there are limited options as far as trying to repair myself.

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the problem is most likely the digitiser connection on the board. corrosion may have lifted a pin.this is one in the uk I'm sure you can find them in the US. It looks astoundingly like the 3g/3gs connector so you might like to contact suppliers and ask about compatibility if you can't find it.

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Well,it's your device. But, you might want to try the logic board or battery.

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