The Canon Powershot A590 IS is an 8 megapixel digital point-and-shoot camera with a 4x optical zoom and a 2.5 inch LCD screen.

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New LCD In Place, but won't work

LDC is white with no image ! It has a pink small circle in lower left corner ! Any suggestions !

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open it back up and recheck your connection for the LCD. remove battery first. it may be that you haven't connected fully or you have some dirt/fingergrease on the pins, give it a wipe over with electronics cleaner or isopropyl alcohol if you have it.

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My first guess is that the pink circle is on a protective film/sheet of plastic from the factory to keep the polarizing film on the LCD from getting scratched before it is installed. You should remove that. You can normally catch it at a corner with a finger nail. Next, the ribbon cable is either not seated square in the connector, far enough in, is curved/bent where it goes into the connector, the end is dirty or the ribbon cable is defective. Sometimes those look like they are in there right but are just a frogs hair off and won't work right. Polly is giving you good advice.

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