continues to throw the F51 code

I have had 2 issues with our maytag bravos…Bravos…1.) Bearings went bad and we were getting a code (I cant remember the code now) so I replaced the shaft and all the bearings and the tub support springs. The washer worked just fine for a few weeks…. Now 2.) I am getting the F51 error code. We have replaced the RPS sensor and the washer continues to throw the F51 code. After replacing the RPS and it still throwing a code, I double checked that there were not articles of clothing under the tub…no articles of clothing. I even checked under the white plastic cover where the pump hoses are, nothing. Put it back together and still throwing a code. At this point I feel like it is an electrical issue of some sort. Bc nothing is working. Any help is super appreciate.


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