Whirlpool upright freezer WZF57R16FW00 randomly playing “power-on”tone

The freezer is randomly playing the tone that you would hear upon plugging in the power cord. This started several months ago, and only happened every several days.. maybe once/week. Over time it has progressively gotten worse. At first it was so seldom and random that it took a month or two to figure out it was the actually the freezer making the sound. Now it’s happening several times a day. A couple months ago I put a remote temperature monitor inside the freezer that records high and low temperatures over time. I’ve never seen it get warmer than 15°F, or colder than -10°. It’s 5° as I type this. Thinking there might possibly be a bad connection in the power outlet, I used an extension cord to plug the unit into an outlet in a different room… no change.. still getting the tone several times/day.

Anybody know what the problem is?

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Hi @justafellow ,

Just to verify that the problem is with the freezer and not the power supply, try plugging in an electric alarm clock, one which "loses" the time when the power is turned off and flashes the same time (usually 12:00) when the power is reconnected to see if it is a power outage

It may not be applicable but is the power outlet in the other room on a different fuse or power supply phase to the one that the freezer is normally connected to or the same one? Again just trying to isolate it to the freezer.

Just wondering if the tone is perhaps like the door ajar alarm or the over temp alarm however briefly.

just some thoughts.

@jayeff the extension cord was plugged into an outlet on a different circuit breaker. It’s definitely not “house-wide” power failures/blips, as nothing ever “blinks”. (TVs, lights, or appliances like clocks, microwaves, etc)

The tone played when the power cord is plugged in is 6 high pitched notes..it’s like a little tune. It’s the exact same sequence/tune that is happening randomly. According to the owner’s manual, temp and door ajar problems are noted by “beeps”. As I noted, true temp is not a problem because we’ve been monitoring 24/7 with a temperature probe that maintains max high and low temp. I’ve never experimented with leaving the door open long enough to hear whatever alarm might be sounded, but I would be surprised if the tone played on “power activation” would be the same for other alarm conditions. Whatever the root problem is, it is getting worse overtime.


Fair enough.

You may have to check the power connections to the control board are secure etc and also visually inspect the control board for any obvious component damage, e.g. heat stressed components or bulging capacitors etc as it seems that the control board "thinks" that it has lost power and then regained power but it is not affecting the performance of the freezer.

Be safety aware if you decide to do this.

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