Blown transformer in a Panasonic inverter microwave

The transformer on my old Panasonic NN-A554W's magnetron power supply board has blown, but the board would be an easy swap if only I could find one :/

I am worried about the magnetron (2M236-M42) being the cause of the problem too but both of my multimeters just read 0 ohms between its pins, and I'm not sure if that's normal or the meters just aren't accurate enough. There's no short between them and its case.

Does anybody have experience with these boards? Its part number is A6645M304GP, and it looks like a lot of other models use boards that look identical but have different part numbers. I have even found a site saying that this magnetron can be used with an A66454T05AP or F66454T07AP board. They do look the same as my board, but do they have hidden differences?

Thanks if anyone can give me any pointers.

Block Image

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