iPad mini not turning on, 0.20A

Hello there, I am trying to repair this old iPad mini, there’s no short on vcc_main. Most lines coming out of U8100 are also present, PP3V3_OUT is missing, not sure if that’s important. Not really sure what else to check, any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Update: I am stupid, forgot to check if pp3v3_out has a short on it and it does. any idea where it could be?

Update 2: with battery and charger connected U8100 is soo hot it burnt my finger. is that normal?

Update 3: iPad mini is not being detected by iTunes, attempting DFU mode drops the current to 0 and back to 0.2A. I also noticed the short on pp3v3_out goes away for a while after DFU (shows 0.6M ohms) come back eventually.


PP3V0_S2R_HALL - 3v

PP1V2_CPU / _SOC - 1v

PP5V25_GRAPE - missing now short

PP6V0_LCM_HI - missing no short

No sign of corrosion, all caps look good on the pp3v3_out line

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