My Proaudio J - 5 ACT blows fuses immiedeately is power on

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Added are pictures thank you.

My Proaudio J - 5 ACT emplified speakers blows fuses immiedeately is power on. i have opened them up and tested the curcuits, there are 6 of them . 3 of C5200 and 3 of A1943. So 2 of the C5200 shows reading on 20.8 and the other one shows 0.08 . Going to A1943 2 of them shows reading of 13.2 the other one shows reading of 06.7…..

From here don't know what to do please help to get them running again

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Hi @lungani ,

Please verify the make and model number of the system as I cannot find any information online for either a Proaudio J-5 ACT or a Cambridge audio system that has that model number?

it's written Proaudio J- 5ACT don't see any model number around. it's a speaker with biult in emplifier...... will try load it's pictures here



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You may have to trace the wires from the power input connector and see where they go on the board.

Your images just show resistors connected to the power transistors and they look OK physically but that doesn't mean that they're OK electrically. To test them you would have to disconnect them from the circuit board and as they are such a low value i.e. 0.22 Ohms it is easy to mistake them for being short circuit when they’re not. I don't think that they're the problem.

You could test if any of the power transistors are short circuit by measuring between the C & E connections and between B & E and B & C and also in the reverse direction as well since they test as per diodes i.e. low resistance one way, high resistance the other way. You may have to test them out of circuit to prove this if they test low resistance both ways as it could be a parallel circuit path that may be altering the reading

If there is no obvious signs of heat stressed components due to high current then you may have to start testing directly from the power input and opening up the path i.e. disconnecting components until the short circuit disappears.

Without a schematic this will be difficult and time consuming

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