fuse blows with new capacitor and diode, SOS

the oven runs about 2 seconds, then makes strange sound and blows the fuse.

I tried new capacitor and diode. no change fuse still blows. capacitor was okay but diode was out of spec before replaced.

I happen to disconnect monitor switch. no change. fuse still blows

I disconnected megatron. no change. fuse still blows. megatron seems okay.

there is discolorazation on the connector to monitor switch. I am not sure if that means anything but it seems to work.

I am beginning to think i should replace switches and see..if it does not work, i might just give up to fix this microwave. I am suspecting transformer. I can’t find the spec to test transformer. Is there any specific resistence I should be getting. Also is there any generic part I can purchase?…OEM seems expensive.

due to high price of trim kit, i really wanted to fix this microwave.

it’s GE peb2060sm1ss, 9 years old.

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Hello Jason, I don’t know this model but I might be able to give some general advice. Firstly can I ask you what you mean by the ‘monitor’? Do you mean motor?

Let’s think generally about fuses blowing. It’s telling us something - some aspect of this equipment is taking too much current. Does the fuse ‘vaporise’ or just go limp and melt?

You say the oven ‘runs’ for two seconds - do you mean you have activated a cook/heat cycle? If so, will the microwave sit happily without blowing a fuse until you do that?

What happens if you disconnect the magnetron and then try - does the fuse blow then?

@Titus Groan

There are three switches one of them is called monitor switch per manual. It is the middle one. Resistence came out okay. mechnically works fine too.

Fuse does not melt. It just gets disconnected.

It runs with heat for about 2 seconds and buzz sounds about 1 or 2 seconds then fuse blows.

I ran without megatron already. fuse still blows. I am not sure if transformer is bad at this point. at lest it's not shorted.

Model number is in the question.. it's GE peb2060sm1ss.

Any help is appreciated. I am thinking of replace all three switches and see. I am not sure what else I should be checking.

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