MacBook Pro keeps switching off during startup, using a failed ssd?

My MacBook crashed yesterday during startup. My hunch is an ssd failure but I want to double check the symptoms here first. Super nervous and am hoping to save the device. Not really the time to be splurging on a new MacBook pro.

To start: this is a 2011 MacBook pro 13 inch. The original hard disk failed in 2017. I replaced it myself which failed again and then replaced that with a Samsung ssd 500gb in 2018.


Opened laptop from sleep, password entered and then froze at login screen. Manual power off via power button. Switch on to white screen. Manual power off and start again to an extremely slow apple logo and loading bar. Then switches of by itself. Totally dead. This repeats twice and then the Apple logo and loading bar starts loading normally till it gets half way then self switch off.

Tried safe mode but essentially same response. It kills itself.

Tried recovery mode but it went straight to internet recovery. The globe was spinning at first but then froze within seconds. Fans started blazing and after 20 minutes I manually powered off via holding power button.

When I started MacBook again; Prohibitive symbol appeared instead off apple logo. Then apple logo and loading bar. Then prohibiting symbol again. After 20 minutes I manually powered off.

Switched on again and this time straight to prohibiting symbol.

Tried recovery mode and again globe stopped spinning so I manually turned off.

Tried diagnostics by holding down d on start up but it just goes to internet recovery every time now.


I feel like the ssd failed and I need to buy new one. However I want to make sure everything else is fine otherwise it's just a wasted money on a new ssd.

I think the power is fine because even though it crashed and switches off, it was also capable of running for 20 minutes during the internet recovery.

I also think I am now wiping the ssd by doing internet recovery hence the prohibiting symbol. I don't want to try that again and do further damage.

It could also be the cable from the drive. I may need to swap that too but I don't even know where to buy one (I'm in the uk) or which one I need and i am quite intimidated by the process. Don't have the option of buying a new MacBook pro at the moment and this is super stressful.

My question is: is the RAM fine? Do the symptoms only point to ssd? Are there any other issues here?

Also note: I have a somewhat recent backup that I can restore to a new ssd like before But its my only backup so I dont want to risk hurting it in any form.

The condition otherwise is pretty good. I've taken good care. No liquid damage that I know off. I feel the device is good and strong for a couple years more. Any advice and opinions is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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